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Corrosion resistance of chip conveyor chain

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The production of various products has various excellent properties suitable for them. It is no exception to the chain plates we introduce today. So is such a high-quality chain plate resistant to corrosion? Let's get to know it!
It can be understood that whether they have the corrosion resistance of the chain plate, usually depends on the material; the material of the conveyor chain plate is usually stainless steel, so that the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel plate is determined by the stainless steel material. It mainly depends on the oxidation resistance of chromium. However, since chromium is an important part of the conveyor chain, the protection methods are different. We vary depending on the chromium content.
When the chromium content in the chain plate is about 10%, the corrosion resistance of the steel is remarkably improved, but when the content is high, the corrosion resistance can be improved. But it is not so obvious. The reason for this is that when chromium is alloyed with steel, the  type of oxide on the surface of the alloy is changed to an oxide equivalent to pure chromium. The chain plate prevents oxidation, but the film is very thin and it can see the natural luster through the transfer chain, so he has a very unique surface structure. Thereby forming a good protective effect and not being easily eroded. Of course, extend the service life.