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What are the characteristics of steel aluminum towline?

Technical Information
First,theroleofsteelandaluminumtowline: Themainbodyofthesteelaluminumtowlineiscomposedofchainplates(usinghigh-qualitysteelplatesafterquenchingandthenchrome-plated/galvanized/sprayed),supportplates(pul
First, the role of steel and aluminum towline:
The main body of the steel aluminum towline is composed of chain plates (using high-quality steel plates after quenching and then chrome-plated/galvanized/sprayed), support plates (pulled aluminum alloy), shaft pins (alloy steel) and other components. The cable or the rubber tube and the drag chain are not distorted, and the chain plate is chrome-plated to have a novel shape, reasonable structure, high dexterity and high strength, and the product has good rigidity and no deformation. Easy to install, reliable to use, easy to disassemble, no sagging. Due to the exquisite appearance of this product, the overall artistic and artistic effect of the machine tool equipment can be enhanced to a large extent, and the competitiveness of China's machine tools and mechanical equipment in the international market is awaited.
Second, the characteristics of steel and aluminum towline:
Suitable for all transmission methods. Can be lengthened and shortened at will. TLG steel towline can carry a large number of cables and tubing with large weight. The free suspension has a large length. The support plate can be made according to customer needs, and is used in working machines, mobile machinery, etc. In addition, the bending radius can be changed by changing the pin.
Third, the structure of the drag chain:
The drag chain is shaped like a tank chain and consists of a number of unit links, which rotate freely between the links. The same series of drag chains have the same height, height and pitch, and the height and bending radius R of the drag chain can be different. The unit chain link is composed of left and right chain plates and upper and lower cover plates. The tow chain can be opened in each section. It is convenient to assemble and disassemble. It is not necessary to thread the cable. After opening the cover plate, the cable, oil pipe and air pipe can be put into the drag chain. Separators are also available to separate the space within the chain as needed.